CHP6_bevelling_machine.jpg (10848 bytes) Beveling machine CHP 6

Works on the basis of Beveling by low speed rotating milling tool. Beveling machine is pulling the material in and at the same time it pushes it inwardly for the cut. When Beveling steel plates or metal stripes, the Beveling machine is set on the edge of the beveled material on which it propels itself forward. The Beveling action is virtually without noise. When a need of X weld arises, the material is turned upside down and is then put into Beveling machine from the other side or it is possible to turn the Beveling machine "upside down" and put it on the edge of the metal. In latter case the Beveling starts on the other side. The size of the bevel can be easily changed, up to the full maximum potential of any given machine.

Beveling machines CHP 6 and12 have all basic angle of bevel of 30 degrees and can be changed with a set of rolling assembly – accessories that can be ordered as additional tools. The angles available are 45, 37.5, 35 and 22.5 degrees.

Beveling machines can also bevel circular shapes and it is possible to use them for Beveling of pipes.

Cutting tool usually lasts 6000 feet on appropriate tensile strength of steel and it is possible to re-sharpen it.

CHP6wk.jpg (12457 bytes)cutter chp12.jpg.JPG (1210 bytes) cutter